Did you happen to have a song you’d like to sing with your friends but gave up on because the harmonies were so complicated? And yet you still dream of performing it?

Do you play in a cover band and want to move it to the next level? Getting more gigs and income performing amazing harmony vocals that wows your audience, build your fanbase and sell more CDs?

Singing in harmony is such an AMAZING experience. You can really feel the air vibrating around you when you and your partner vocalists merge into one in perfect harmony.

The only problem is that dissecting one harmony from another is a very difficult task because the vocal parts on the record usually sound so seamless.

Vocal harmony breakdown mans that I will dissect each vocal harmony for your and breakdown them into separate track you can then learn easily.

You can listen to them everywhere: at home, in your car while driving, or rehearsing with your band, and comfortably learn them. Just choose the song you want to learn to impress all your friends and audience!

Singing in harmony has never been so enjoyable and easy thanks to the procedure of vocal harmony breakdown!


* Just write me at info@fruduamusic.com stating which song you want to learn.

* I’ll listen to the song and come back to you with a confirmation that I can work on it and a price quotation (starting from 80 Euros) and an estimated deadline for the files to be delivered.

* After your confirmation I will wait for your payment through Paypal, credit card or bank money wire transfer.

* As soon as I receive your payment I will advise you.

* I will break down and record each individual vocals contained in the song and send them to you in MP3 format, one MP3 track for each separate harmony part.

You will then be able to study and learn to sing them on your own.

Any question? Please write me at: info@fruduamusic.com


The cost is from 90 Euros up. Please contact me to get a quotation!

Apply NOW by writing me at: info@fruduamusic.com

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