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Welcome to my page as a Producer.
Feel free to get in touch with me if you need professional consulting in the following areas: production, vocals, recording, career planning, song selection & songwriting...
or if you just need someone who can bring fresh and new ideas to your music project.

Galeazzo Frudua

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My Beatles Page

Do you have a Beatles Tribute or do you like to sing or record your own Beatles covers? Click here to learn about the different services I offer to support you in playing and singing The Beatles and make your renditions and covers unique!
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Music production

You may have noticed that more and more artists achieve huge success on Talent Shows or YouTube and are then taken on by music majors. You may also have noticed that all those artists have something in common. Read more

Frudua ONLINE Singing Lessons

Do you want to emulate you favourite singer? I will teach you all the secrets to reproduce the amazing singing of your favourite heroes! Hitting their notes, empowering volume, learning interpretation, dynamics, using the dyaphragm. Read more

Vocal Harmony Breakdown

Do you have a specific song you want to cover that features intricated harmony vocals? You don't know how to reproduce them? Ask me to break them down for you! I will send you all the separate tracks so you can easily learn and reproduce them on your own! Read more

Vocal Harmony Arrangements

The use of harmony in your music is the main trick to make it unique, appealing and beat the competition. Send me your song. I will create a vocal harmony arrangement that will make your audience jump on the chairs and make you sell more CDs! Read more

I'll rate your song or demo

Send me your 1 song demo (no longer than 5 minutes total) and I will send you my feedback and offer you advice to make the best out of your song before you make a final version/recording out of it! Read more

I'll rate Your Vocal Performance

Send me your vocal performance demo, audio or video (no longer than 5 minutes total) and I will write to you an overall critique and offer you advice for making the most of your performance song or cover. Read more

One-on-One Phone Meeting

Let's talk if you want career advice, have questions about what gear I like and use, production, how I breakdown harmonies, mixing, songs arrangement, engineering or really, anything relating to music. Read more


Producer, musician, composer, guitar maker. Credited for being one of the main specialists in The Beatles vocals and music. Luthier with more almost 400 guitars built in his life, he's been the only luthier who was mentioned in the official Fender Stratocaster Wiki page and owns two Youtube music-related channels featuring more than 35 million views and almost 200.000 subscribers, where he teaches music and guitar repair.

YouTube Certified

Visit my Beatles Vocal Harmony Youtube Channel!

Tons of free resources on the amazing Beatles. Vocal harmonies lessons, guitar and piano tutorials. Everything you need to learn to play the Beatles like they did on the original records. Curiosities, articles, books and much more. Get in!

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