Do you want to emulate your favourite singer? I will teach you how to belt out a song and reproduce the amazing vocal shades of your heroes! Hitting their notes, empowering volume, using the diaphragm and learning to engage your audience through interpretation just as they do.

Every one of us is different and so are your singing style, needs, strengths and weak points.

Whatever level you are, I set up an effective interactive singing class belting that’s actually an experience!

It’s based on private interactive video singing lesson and it’s completely personalized to you!

This method is asynchronous, meaning you can study the vocals at your own pace in the comfort of your home. It’s very different than having a Skype teacher or standard singing lesson where you have a reduced time to catch all the information and if you don’t catch it the first time, the information is lost.

You can now study and belting in total relaxation at any time around the world, “rewind the tape” and listen again!

Belting singing lesson materials and the feedback you will receive are based totally on your own voice level, singing performance, musical skills and specific weaknesses and are created specifically for you, yet, my lessons are TOTALLY INTERACTIVE.


1) First, in order to send you the first video singing lesson, I need to view and listen to a short clip of you while you sing the song you want to learn. You can sing acappella or over a backing track (but not playing and singing at the same time). Please upload the video to Dropbox, Wetransfer or on Youtube as a private clip.

2) Please notify me by writing at when you have uploaded the clip and let me know if you are looking for focus on any specific areas (i.e. performance, tone, pitch, etc) of the vocal performance. I will be glad to tailor my critique to meet your needs.

3) I will review the clip you uploaded and the information you sent me and I will reply to you with a video singing lesson tailored to your needs, consisting of a series of clips that will guide you exactly to the goal you want to achieve, helping you making dramatic improvements to your singing in a few weeks.

4) You will arrange payment through Paypal (Paypal also allows you to pay with you credit card) and I will send you the first video lesson.

5) You will then be able to cover the exercises explained in the video belting lesson and as soon as you feel ready and have noticed your amazing improvements, you will send me a new video or audio with your upgraded performance and so on.

Any question? Please write me at:

You won’t have to worry about being nervous, since you’ll be able to play the exercise as many times as you like before you choose your best performance and send it to me!


Every video lesson I send to you will cost 70 Euros.

Apply NOW by writing me at:


The audio and video recording will always be available to you so that you will be ALWAYS be able to revise all the specific corrections/instructions I gave you through that specific exercise. You’ll have as much time as you need to work over it, progressing to the next lesson only when you’re ready.

Even one year later you can always revisit ANY topic you have learnt and you will be able to remember EVERYTHING I explained to you since it is all recorded and available on a click!